A passion since the age of eleven, past lives became a fascination for me. As I learned more about the past, it helped heal the present. I was grateful to find Lindsey Sass at The NJ Healing Center and become a certified regressionist in 2013 through an extensive 70 hour training and was accepted by IACT as a recognized PLR hypnotist.  I have now regressed hundreds of people through group workshops and one-on-one sessions. How can this type of healing help you?

  • Clear energy blocks.

  • Tap into forgiveness and compassion.

  • Release current day ailments.

  • Learn about your karma and life purpose.

  • Prevent and heal stress-related issues.

  • Dissolve the fear of death and find grief relief.

  • Shift your values and priorities for optimal spiritual growth.

  • Create a positive perspective and outlook.  

  • Increase your self-esteem and find motivation to create a shift of change in your life.

  • Create healthier relationship patterns and tap into unconditional love.

Does this sound like something you would like to explore?

Please contact me for more information!

Ginny Colarusso E-RYT 500